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"In the Courts"

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Our Judicial Watch For Boating Safety Law Enforcement  in America

Louisiana Grand Jury dismisses all charges against intoxicated boater who killed a Louisiana resident! Where is the justice?

In June of 1999 a boater by the name of Thomas Allen Murdock was killed on the False River in Louisiana, yet another victim of a drunk boater on our nation's waterways.

As a memorial to Mr. Murdock, his family, and to the many other victims of boating tragedies that have occurred throughout the nation, Boaters Against Drunk Driving, National BADD, has implemented a project called "Lighthouse of Law". BADD is now monitoring over three-hundred cases of individuals charged with boating under the influence (BUI). Many of these crashes involved the fatality of one or more victims on our waterways. National BADD will follow each of these prosecutions through the entire judicial process of their respective court.

We will verify the progress and dispositions of these cases for the verdict and sentence of those convicted for serious violations of boating law. Those results will be published in order to demonstrate to the boating community and the public that their state boating officials, legislators, prosecutors, and courts all recognize that boating under the influence is a very serious crime.

In the mid-70's it became socially unacceptable to "drink and drive". As we are about to enter the new millennium, we should promote the concept that it is also socially unacceptable to "drink and boat". BADD is not against drinking and alcohol. BADD is against drinking and operating a watercraft.

Do your part for safe, sober and responsible boating in America. If you would like to volunteer in our objectives with Judicial Watch, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest and support.

National BADD            Email-

UPDATE...In September 1999, a Grand Jury in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana dismissed all charges against the defendant in the horrible boating death of Mr. Murdock. National BADD and the Murdock family are stunned and devastated by the lack of a vehement prosecution in this case. We would like to know how an individual who was found to be legally intoxicated and operating a boat can kill one person, seriously injure another, and not be held accountable to society for his crimes? Please help the Murdock family and contact the Louisiana Governor, Attorney General, and members of the Louisiana House and Senate concerning this blatant miscarriage of justice. If you wish further information on this matter or how to assist, please contact National BADD. We thank you for your support.


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