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"Are you interested in forming a chapter of BADD"  in your area of the United States or Canada?

BADD is now in 38 states in the U.S. If you would like   materials on forming a new chapter in your area, send  an email message to Boaters Against Drunk Driving.


BADD was founded in 1989 and dedicated to the objectives of safe, sober and responsible boating on our nation's waterways.

BADD is not against drinking and alcohol.   BADD is against drinking and operating a watercraft.  We advocate that the new boater complete an approved basic boating safety course before they launch their craft for the first time.  We also recommend that all persons aboard a boat always wear their life jacket (PFD).  It is not enough to know where the PFD is stowed on your boat.  In order for your "life jacket" to work and save lives during an emergency, it must be worn at all times.

Remember, "Boat Smart From The Start!",            "Always Wear Your Life Jacket!"

If you are interested in the BADD themes of common sense and common courtesy on our waterways, we would welcome your support.

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