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         What is BADD?

Boaters Against Drunk Driving, National BADD ®, was founded in 1989 by Jim Carlin. He was a law enforcement officer who served with New Jersey and Florida police agencies before retiring in 1994 because of severe injuries he sustained during an armed robbery. Although those injuries closed one door in his life, it opened another allowing him more time to pursue his interests in national safe boating.

Since 1976, Jim has actively promoted worthy fundraising causes across the country usually in the theme of a jet-ski, surfing, or other boating event.  His accomplishments include a 49 hour non-stop jet-ski event around Manhattan Island in New York City, two winter jet-ski treks from Maine to Mexico, riding a motorized surfboard from Minneapolis to New York Harbor, for the "Statue of Liberty Restoration Commission", and three- 6,000 mile cross-country boating tours to promote boating safety.

In traversing over 300,000 miles of nautical highway, Jim came to personally observe the major problem of the intoxicated boater, and the injury, death, and property damage caused by these irresponsible people. In 1989, he founded BADD to create public awareness for safe, sober, and responsible boating in America. BADD is not against drinking and alcohol. BADD is against drinking and operating a watercraft. The group advocates that all persons complete an approved basic boating safety course before they launch their craft for the first time. They also recommend that all the occupants of a boat always wear their life jackets (PFDs) while on the water. BADD does not suggest mandatory boating licenses however it does endorse a national Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) for those operating a watercraft. In 1997, U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg (N.J.) sponsored a bill to impose a .08% (BAL) on all persons operating a motor vehicle on any highway in the country. Since 1994, Jim has been working to implement a nationwide .08% (BAL) applicable on all of America's waterways. Because of the efforts of National BADD, thirty-four states have now implemented a .08% (BAL) and six others are expected to follow in 2005.

When you read the article in the BADD "Boating Under the Influence-(BUI)" page, you will see why this national (BAL) must be applied to those operating a boat on any waterway in America. This type of legislation is not designed, and will not ruin the pleasures enjoyed by the great boating community. Most boaters are courteous, considerate and responsible in the operation of their watercraft. Unfortunately, the law is required to curtail the improper actions of the few who drink afloat.

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